Unlawful TPG Charges

Level 2
I lost my father and went back home for an year and informed TPG about it. They only allow me to suspended my account for 3 months with $1 a day. And for rest of 9 months they charged me total $630 and in January they have disconnected my service without notifying me. I came back and found out my Internet was not working they said my connection got disconnected and I need to pay for new connection and whole new process. They knew they can do this by finding out my urgency. It is not right and unethical. They charge us even when we are not using their service and I don’t need to talk about their useless policies to screw the customers. I need to lodge a complaint in customer court if I don’t get right resolution from them.


Thanks for letting us know about this issue and we're sorry for your loss. I would like to have a better understanding of your situation to address your request. Please PM us with your details like customer ID or username of the concerned account.


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