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Updating payment information

Level 2

I have been trying since 7am this morning to update my payment information. 


Firstly i tried to update my infomation through my account. Upon entering all my new card details in, clicking on the T&C and proceeding to the next page the browser froze. This has happened 4 times today.


I tried to call someone via the contact numbers and again this got directed to using the online chat. When I used the online chat, whomever was on the other side was not patient with me and due to me not answering within a few minutes, disconnected the chat before I could answer.


I appreciate that we are all working hard with the current circumstances of COVID 19 however I have never come accross a company which does not want my new payment infomation in order to keep my account active. I am almost at breaking point and will begin to look for a new provider who does repond and assist their customers.