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Urgent Complaint Regarding 5G Home Broadband Cancellation and mobile services

Level 2
Level 2

Dear TPG Team,


I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the handling of my recent 5G home broadband cancellation request. Below is a detailed account of the issues I encountered:


Due to my upcoming move, I decided to switch internet providers and cancel my current 5G home broadband service. On 11/6/2024 at 10:36 AM, I called TPG and spent 23 minutes communicating my request to cancel the service at the end of my paid period cycle, which is 20/6/2024. The representative assured me that my cancellation request would be processed and that I would receive an email confirmation within 24-48 hours. However, the representative's attitude was unprofessional and impatient, raising my concerns.


Later that afternoon, around 3-4 PM, I called TPG again to confirm the submission of my cancellation request. Another representative confirmed that my request was in the system. I waited patiently for two days. However, on 14/6/2024 at 3:00 AM, I received a new invoice for $59.99 for the next billing cycle. Despite being assured that the cancellation request had been submitted, I neither received a confirmation email nor was my cancellation request processed correctly.


Due to my work schedule, I could only call TPG during my lunch break, around 12:00 PM, to resolve the issue. By then, the $59.99 had already been deducted and was pending. After explaining the situation, I was told that no cancellation request was visible in the system. This raised serious concerns about the integrity of your system and the honesty of the previous representatives. The Friday representative appeared more professional and submitted my cancellation request again. I emphasized the need to ensure no additional charges were deducted. Later that afternoon, I finally received a confirmation email stating the cancellation date was set for 20/7/2024, which was incorrect and indicated that I had been charged for the following month.


I found this unacceptable, as I had clearly stated from the beginning that the cancellation date should be 20/6/2024. I had to call again to correct the cancellation date, and each time I called, I had to explain the entire situation from the beginning, wasting significant time and energy. The representative assured me that the cancellation date would be corrected to 20/6/2024 and that no additional charges would be deducted. However, their solution to ensure no charges were deducted was to delete my bank account information from the system, which led to further issues and the need for this complaint.


Despite this, my account was still charged. On Monday, I had to call again to request a refund and was instructed to email the request. After emailing, the refund was processed, and the internet issue seemed resolved. I promptly returned the modem on 18/6/2024. However, I noticed two additional deductions of $12.50 each on my account yesterday. This was likely because I have two SIM-only plans with TPG, and due to the bank information removal, one of the numbers experienced payment errors. I updated my bank information in my account, leading to immediate deductions.


When I called TPG again during my lunch break, the representative, Rose, could not see the payment records and questioned the validity of my payment success. I checked with my bank, and the payments were completed. Rose suggested emailing for an investigation and noted an outstanding $12.50 on my account, which could affect my mobile service.


This situation is utterly unacceptable. I demand a thorough explanation for these repeated errors and unprofessional behavior. I also request proper training for the staff involved, an apology, and compensation for the undue stress and inconvenience caused by TPG's mistakes and mishandling of my account.

I look forward to your prompt response and resolution of this matter.


Chuyuan Liu

Community Manager

Hi Chuyuan,


We'll check out what's happened and make sure everything's sorted for you. Drop us a private message so we can access your account.