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Something wrong with account billing

Level 3

I sent an email to Customer Service last week querying what's going on with my account billing and have not yet received a response.

My email was as follows:

I am really curious now.

Note that I have been on the $79.99 – 50Mbps - for at least the last 2+years. It started at $69.99 until you increased the pricing structure recently. No problems with that, I have been very happy with TPG.


A month or so ago I received an email offering a bonus trial of 100Mbps so I checked the reply in the email you sent asking if I would like to try the 100Mbps download speed for 12 months – free of any extra charge. You stated that the update would be done by the end of May.


However, Not only I haven’t heard anything from you (TPG) about the trial speed and my speed remains at 50 Mbps.


You have just charged me $89.99 for the current month (the next Tier NBN Plan)  without any notification to me or any request or approval from myself, as well as the lack of upgrade speed which you stated would be a bonus trial for me.


My only complaint in all the years I’ve been a TPG customer and have always received excellent service.

Would you please let me know what is going on ?



Can someone give me an explanation and sort this out for me. Normally Customer Service has always 'been on the ball' but random billing an no response is very annoying.

Please sort this out.


PS: Exactly as stated in TPG's email

Hi Frank,


There's still time to elevate your online experience with our exclusive offer!


Upgrade to our lightning fast NBN100 speed tier for an entire year - All without any additional charges beyond the revised pricing of your current NBN50 plan!


Level 3

PS again:

I'm quite happy with the 50Mbps and just thought that trying out the 100Mbps would be fun to try anyway.

However,  I don't care if my speed remains at 50Mbps, it's working very well for me, I just object to the random billing charge and lack of response.

I notice that quite a number of people have the same - lack of 100Mbps speed upgrade - but no one has been charged extra for no upgrade.



Community Manager

Hi @fneill1503,


We'll have everything fixed up for you ASAP. Drop me a private message when you get a moment.