Victim .....

Level 2

Hi community

very disappointed, 6 months ago I upgraded my plan / connection to FTTB

for a better and consistent connection. 

was given new router which can support the upgraded plan

the tech came to configure, been told all setup and ready to go,

as per work requirement tested home internet speed test last week,

shockingly surprise the way the router was configured been under bandwith control

limited to as per the old (downgraded) plan with upload only '0.85-0.95mbps' with ping fluctuating between 20-120, no wonder couldnt pass teh home internet speed test

 have been paying all this time for nothing, when contacted the tech support to fix, remote trouble shooter (alvin) done dont even know and now no internet service, when contacted customer support for urgent resolution required and compensate no support available

till tomorrow ??? seriously 

when comes to pay getting charge on time 

what about the service promised ?

after multipl and frustrated calls got a booking for a tech to visit and inspect

forced to use alternative internet service another expense 

is there any one can listen to customers voice and compensate ..... or else no wonder as so many other customers switching I'll be doing so, spread the word off course not to get stuck in here. 

expecting the resolution 




Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and learned that the Technician was able to attend today.

All the test that he has done shows a passing result.


Your assigned Engineer will be in touch with you for further discussion.