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By way of background, I have recently changed from an NBN service to a new Home Wireless Broadband.

I am trying to get to check statements/invoices & downloads for the new wireless broadband. After signing in with my account I get the usual page that covers all the previous NBN stuff which is correct.

To get to the wireless account stuff there is a link for "other services".  This used to take me to a page that gave me all the relevant wireless information correctly.  For the last couple of weeks, this link doesn't work.  It just gives me another sign-in screen the same as the first.

I've attached a screenshot of the relevant screen - the link not working is the "here" link in the "looking for other services "  box just under the My Account heading.



Welcome to the Community @swclif.


Did you use the new customer ID number or username to login to your Home Wireless Broadband account?

If not, please try to use it in order to view the information that you seek.


If you are still seeing the said information, shoot me a PM with your new TPG username or customer ID number.