Wrong info

Level 2

 Recently moved house but was on $69/ month with voice and paid for calls. New address and same plan but phone not working. That was one,apparently, deducted calls from some money that was deducted. When the money ran out,couldn't make calls - fair enough, but when your not told??. Was offered calls for $10 extra a month but end,up getting charged $20 a month - 2x$10 on 12 &17/4. If this is what I think it is I want it changed to the $69 plan and pay for calls BUT this time TPG tell me it's run out. If this is not fixed, my contract is near up and I am walking. Ken


Hi @kimitchell1943


We'll raise the issue of the double charge with our Accounts team for further investigation.


Shoot me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted in case they need to discuss this further.