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Your billing cycle and advance payments explained

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This article will explain how to check your billing cycle and why TPG debits your monthly charge 7 days prior to your new month starting.


How do I know when my billing cycle starts?

Your monthly billing cycle starts from the date your internet service is installed or your mobile phone is activated.

You can check your billing cycle via the your account section on our website -


Log into my account

After logging in select “Check your account usage”. (This applies to homophone, internet and mobile)


You can see the billing cycle for mobile under "View All Mobile Service Account"

pic 5.PNG


This will display the start and finish date of your billing cycle as per below output

Package Details:
TPG Username: happy1234
Package Type: NBN FTTN Broadband SL Bundle Standard
Usage Charges:  $0.00
Current Billing Period: Ends: 2018-09-01
Expiry Date: 2018-09-01
Download Charges: All Downloads: free
Hours Left: Unlimited

Usage not collected for the period 2018-08-02 to 2018-09-01
Usage not collected for the period 2018-07-02 to 2018-08-02
Usage not collected for the period 2018-06-02 to 2018-07-02


For the above example the billing cycle runs from the 2nd of August through to the 1st of September. We will attempt to debit the following months plan fees 7 business days prior to September 1st so this will occur on the 23rd of August.


Why do we charge 7 days prior?

Most TPG services are prepaid and we debit your account 7 business days prior to your billing cycle ending.

We do this to

  • Keep our business model very simple
  • No debt collection
  • No bill shock
  • It also allows us to offer the best plans and inclusions possible for our customers.
  • Gives you time to retry to make payment should your payment be unsuccessful to avoid any service disruption.


Occasionally payments may fail, may be that you received a new credit card or your existing credit card has expired. Whatever it is you can still re process the payment at “My account” .


The link below will show you how to retry a payment  if you have had a “insufficient funds”

Once you have added funds follow the steps in the below link.


To update credit card details you can follow this community article -