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credit card details changed but credit card has not been debited yet.

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my username is prashantshetye and mobile number is 0411488816


I received a message about "Credit Card Debit Rejected". My bank recently issued me a new credit card. I changed the credit card details as advised on the email. I can't attempt to debit my card again as advised on the email since I don't have any outstanding amount. 


Can you please try to retry debiting again and let me know once successful.


Its been painful contacting TPG as no one picks up. Support option doesn't come up after logging into your account. For support you have to login differently and share your account name and mobile number. Don't you think Support should be integrated into your account so you don't have share your account name and mobile number for others to see. 


By the way, hope you resolve my issue soon and advise me accordingly.






Hi prashants


You should be able to change your credit cards details online.


Or you can dowload the TPG App