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international cannot login to tpg website or mobile app


Hi @marinazhang009,


MyAccount is currently inaccessible to international locations. 


Sending a PM requires you to be on Level 2. You may reply to this thread or try sending one directly to me. 



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Hi Ahra_G,
Thank you for your quick response.

I'm not sure what you mean by sending one directly to you?

Could you please turn off international roaming for me? I'm not sure why it turned on automatically; I never enabled it. What information do you need from me to do so?

I'm also puzzled by the lack of a servicedesk that customers can contact while overseas; this makes it unnecessarily difficult to resolve issues.
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Level 2


I am having the exact same issue, with the difference being that I am in Bali.


I need to access MyAccount so I can pay the account but unable to do so.


I have even tried using a VPN still unable to do so.


TPG is blocking access to support  and myaccount sub-domains coming when overseas.


How can I resolve this.


I have gone through this thread and no solution has been provided. What is the resolution for this??





Hi @ssd,


TPG MyAccount is restricted to international locations due to potential security risk. A workaround is using an Australian VPN. 


Send us a private message and we'll help get your account sorted. 



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Why is it impossible to login to your website and My Account from abroad?  There is no way to send you a Private Message as 'Send A Message' does not appear when clicking on any moderator's name.

Why is there no LiveChat function on the website accessible from anywhere in the world?  Why is there no email contact address available?


There is no way to call the phone numbers when you are out of Australia.


This is an astonishingly ridiculous situation to be in in 2024. I urgently need to cancel my account as I am not living in Australia but it seems likie tpg just want to continue taking money from the credit card for absolutely no service. 


Please sort out your customer service and access.

Community Manager

Hey @morganmedway,


You won’t be able to log in to your account from overseas due to security reasons.


You can ring us on our international number, +61 2 9007 3023 or we can get our cancellation team to email you as well. Drop a private message if you want us to email you.