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no nbn auto adsl cut telstra hiccup

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nbn is in this suburb [3144] region except this 1 address.  Apparently, this one address will be a year behind the others.  I'm guessing it's because we have an old connection pit marked PMG which Telstra will not update unless they specifically get a request from TPG.  TPG just say it's not due for 10 months.


With nbn Co. changing contractors continually, my concern is a contractor will mark the suburb as complete just to get it off the books, switch off adsl and I'll be left with no nbn, no adsl, no phone while Telstra, nbn, TPG, contractor1/2/3/.....?  point fingers at each other


Hi @luber,


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We have located the account using your community details. As per checking, your address is classified by NBN Co. to be on Service Class 20, which means that it is for NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), but it is not yet serviceable.


We source all of our data for upcoming NBN releases directly from NBNCo. We acknowledge that these dates are subject to change and unfortunately often do. As a reseller, we have limited control over NBN Co.'s network and rollout.


Nonetheless, we'll surely let you know once we are ready to connect your address to the NBN.


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I understand TPGs difficulty in dealing with NBN and NBNs reliance on methodology rather than see what's actually happening, however, we have a situation where:


the property has an antique comms pit made from grey concrete? marked PMG


Telstra don't deny it could be theirs but say they can't look at it because they haven't been asked to


NBN must know about it because every property on all sides are connected but

  • it's dropped into the 'too hard' basket
  • what's the difference between 100% completion and 99.9% completion anyway?

Based on the latter, there looks to be a good possibility of me finishing up with no phone, no internet, no nbn and a 'no worries mate, it's on our priority list, guaranteed tbd before 2060'.  In an area saturated with NBN, the best they could do is over a year away???



Hi @luber,


Unfortunately TPG do not have any control with the roll of the NBN service. The roll out date is determined by NBN Co, if you want to know the estimated NBN roll out time frame in your area you may visit


TPG will be happy to contact you once NBN is ready at your address, simply register your details here:


Let us know should you require further assistance.



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I apologise, I had too many ideas in my mail.


Telstra need to be asked by TPG to look at this comms pit which seems to be the cause of the delay.


Hi @luber,


The NBN technology that will be available for you is HFC (Hybrid Fibre Cable).


*Cable/Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC): HFC is a network technology that allows access to fast broadband services using a combination of fibre and coaxial cable to connect your home to the NBN network.


With this technology, the copper connection from the pit will not be utilized.


Also, your ADSL2+ service is working fine. As long as there's no issues with your service, we don't have any basis in requesting an investigation within the pit.


Again, we don't have any control with the NBN rollout in the area. You may contact NBN directly on 1 800 881 816 to raise your concern, but there's a possibility that the same information will be given to you.


Here's a link which explains the NBN HFC.


Thank you,


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Thank you Basil.


I have contacted NBNCo they say [recording] I should contact my service provider [TPG]

I have contacted Telstra they say I should contact my service provider [TPG]

I have contacted TPG you say I should contact my service installer [NBN]


so far, this is what I predicted


couple hours homework - what's different between here and next door on all sides [all which have NBN]?


This place has a 'PMG' comm pit on the property..  looking through telstra records shows that, historically, they sometimes used concrete/asbestos pits/pipes/etc.  So I have what may or may not be an asbestos/concrete pit which is Telstra responsibility which Telstra will not confirm or deny is asbestos related unless TPG ask them to identify it.  Meanwhile TPG tell me to contact NBNCo , giving me a phone number that that leads to endless recordingsinevitablt lead to 'contact your service provider'.




My next prediction:  because I'm persistent in spite of consistently not getting any useful answers, I'll finish up on some kind of spam list


HI @luber,


Again, there's no issues with your service which is why we can't raise an investigation with Telstra.


Also, the NBN technology that will be used is HFC and again, they are unlikely to use the pit.


Please check the website that I've provided for more information in regards to the technology that will be rolled out for you.




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Thank you for your patience, I should be communicating better - It is not correct to say there are no issues...etc.


The two issues are

  1. I do not have nbn where it is reasonable I should [NBNCo map shows the whole area as having nbn]
  2. It appears I am being discriminated against since everybody else has nbn.

NBNCo give a vague idea by stating 'some work' needs to be done in the same time frame where Tokyo will be ready for the Olympics,, the kids will get married and have babies the overhead railbridge will get finished, half of Melbourne had been connected in that time.


I am aware ADSL is present, the cut off is mentioned but no date, time frame, online callendar - I don't expect a date/time and the concept of trust has gone out the window over the past couple of years


Hi @luber


My apologies if there was a confusion. What Basil meant is that, since your ADSL is working normally, we won't be able to raise a ticket to Telstra. In addition, your area will use HFC technology for the NBN service, so the existing copper line won't be utilized either.


I can understand the frustration, however, only NBNCo can declare an address as serviceable since they're the ones who will set up the much-needed infrastructure.