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not able to pay invoices on new website

Level 2

Since TPG updated its website, I am not able to pay invoices anymore. The new website recorded payment details that were obsolete in 2018 and does not provide options for updating it. I tried multiple times to contact TPG by phone and email, but the only feedback I received was to use the (non-functional) website. During this time, TPG debited $2 on my bank account, without explanation (and while sending me notices that TPG cannot debit my bank account!).


TPG cut my phone line last week and I had to change provider in a rush. This is now done, but TPG is sending an invoice that is wrong and I am still not able to pay through the website.

The invoice is for $19.99 + $11.00, it should be $11.00 -$2.00:

  • The service for the $19.99 was not provided by TPG and my line was cut: I should not be charged for it.
  • TPG own me $2.00 that were charged on the 31 of January.

Could you please:

  • Send me an updated invoice showing the $11.00 for number transfer and the -$2.00 for refund.
  • Provide a way to pay the $9.00 I own TPG.

I can’t believe TPG is making so hard to make a payment!


Hi @julien,


We have compiled all the Community links which can help with Mobile service concerns/queries: 



Should you still require further assistance, kindly send your TPG mobile number/CID or Account number via private message.