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TPG Mobile - Introduction to the new My Account

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For some existing TPG mobile customers, you may have noticed that we've done an upgrade on your My Account portal.


This article will explain the basic features of the new and upgraded My Account portal, our online account management tool:


  • Logging in to My Account
  • How to navigate the My Account layout


Simply follow the steps below:


Logging in to My Account


  1. Go to Alternatively, click on the My Account button in the top menu bar on our website.
  2. Log in with the Mobile Number and password for your TPG service.
  3. You can retrieve forgotten passwords at


How to navigate the layout

After logging in, you'll see the default Actions menu on the left-hand side of the page. This menu is divided into four sections.


Section 1 – Account overview





This is a fixed section that lists the following information:


Useful for

Primary contact name

Confirming the account holder (bill receiver)

TPG username/Mobile Number

Logging into My Account

Customer ID

Reference number when contacting us

Amount owing

Checking if any money is owed on the account


Section 2 – Service management




This section has a drop-down menu that you can use to select which service to manage.

This selection is also displayed in the main window of Toolbox after logging in.

Additional options will display depending on which type of service is selected:


Service type

Additional options

Useful for

Home Wireless or 5G Home Broadband


Quick overview of plan

Check current data usage (simple)

Check when usage resets

Add a Data pack

Volume Usage

Check current data usage (detailed)

Check when usage resets

Check data usage history

Add a Data Pack

Change Plan

Check current plan details

Change broadband plan

Moving Home

Lodge a relocation for your TPG services

Settings (if applicable)

Toggle Port Blocking



Quick overview of plan

Check current call usage (simple)

Mobile Usage

Check current call usage (detailed)

Check call usage history

Manage Call Packs

Add or remove call packs

Change Plan

Check current plan details

Change mobile plan

Manage Prepaid Balance

Add prepaid credit (optional for excluded usage)


Toggle Calling Line ID Blocking

Toggle Call Barring options

Toggle Call Forwarding/Diverting options

Request PUK Code

Your SIM PUK Code


Section 3 - Account management





This is a fixed section that gives you the following options:



Useful for

About Me

Check current contact details

Update contact details

Add, edit or remove additional contacts

Change account password



Check invoice history

Payment Details

Check current payment details (partially masked for your security)

Update payment details

Change the bill receiver


Check history of account notifications

Add New Service

Add an additional service to your account


Section 4 – Logout button




Use this button to log out after using My Account. Logging out is especially important on public or shared computers.


The Logout button is also present in the top right-hand corner of the page.


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Level 2

How do I get back into the old account portal to download my old invoices?

They dont appear in the new portal and I had no notice that the new portal was coming!


Hi @ryanB,


Welcome to the community!


I would love to help involve our Account Specialists Team to get your old invoices, send me a private message with your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file) also include your best contact number and preferred time so we can arrange them to contact you.


How do I private message (PM) in the community





How do I get back into the old account portal to download my old invoices?

They dont appear in the new portal and I had no notice that the new portal was coming!


Hi @ryanB 


Our team did not receive your account details, which we don't have any update if your case was resolved.


In case you still want to download your old invoices, please login to TPG My account using your old customer ID number.


Let us know if you need further assistance.



Level 2

Hi BasilDV

I logged in with my old customer ID number and got the old portal.  I swear that was taking me to the new one still the other day.

Thanks for your help and folow up.


Level 2

Still my old account, looks and functions exactly the same.

Level 3

Hi Manuel,


I have received emails about the changes to one of my accounts with TPG - in this case, a Mobile account.


I have tried to go to the so-called "New" "MyAccount" page, but when I log in, everything looks EXACTLY the same as the old "MyAccount" pages.


The one difference I can see is that my Mobile account status now shows "Moved to Novus". I now don't have access to the functions for this particular account that I used to have. There are no buttons for:


Mobile Usage

Mobile Change of Plan

Add Prepaid Balance

Change Number

Mobile SErvice Control Panel

Get PUK Code


All of the buttons listed above are available for one of my other mobile accounts.


What does this mean? This is extremely confusing.






Hi @DarkHalf


Thanks for reaching out.


Have you used the new customer ID number to access your account or still the old customer ID?

We sent you an email providing the new customer ID number for you to use.


Let us know how it goes.




Level 3

Hi BasilDV,


I am sorry for seeming so incompetent ...


I have been a customer with TPG for many years, so it has been a very long time since I originally logged into MyAccount.


If I log in today, I do not use my "Existing Customer ID", I use the first part of my email address as the login credential. The email you sent me tells me to log in using my mobile number - I have never logged into TPG with this mobile number that I can recall - I only use the email address type of login.


Please note that I am administering 2 mobile accounts and an NBN account with this login.


Any more advice you can supply would be appreciated.






Hi @DarkHalf


We'd like to look into it in order to provide proper instructions.


Please send me a PM with your 2 mobile details along with your NBN account.