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unauthorised transaction after cancellation

Level 2

I have been offered 2 months of refund in the month of MAY 2019 and advised to call back by 10th June to cancel the account. I called on 10th June and advised for cancellation. The engineer called me as the call disconnected and said he initiated the cancellation, but still the amount has been taken out for the month of JUNE. Now when I called TPG and spoke to ELLA on 12th June, she said she is not aware why they took $60 and she said she will monitor and return that extra amount... No response for one week.

I called back on 20th June, they say June $60 is included in refund promised in the MAY, how is this possible. This absolute CHEATING, it's a shame on you guys. I have all the recordings of your calls, you just cannot cheat me like that.

After cancellation how can you take money? That is robbery/unauthorised transaction from my account.


Hi @maheshsa 


We apologise for the inconvenience.


We were able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the notes from our team.


It seems that the $60.21 was taken automatically, since the original cut off of your billing cycle had been every 10th of the month. Since the request to cancel the account was on the same day(10th of June), the request to stop the payment was late.


We've sent you a PM as well.