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waiting time for second discussion with customer service to reactivate an account

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My work email account was deactivated due to insufficient funds in an account which always has funds in it. Strange? I do receive emails from tpg and scammers claiming to be tpg and I cannot tell which is which. so i ignore them.


Spoke to customer service after asking for a call back and waiting about 1.5 hours. Then she identified me and coulod not do anything else because my acount (work emaail - thanks tpg) was deactivated. She then put me thru to customer service(2), who can reactivate accounts,. waited on the phone another hour. Paid the funds which were apparently overdue and voila, the account will be working again. Although dont know whether I will need a new sign on or password! I guess that's my new year job!!!  oh and thanks to the voice essage that contiually reminds me that I dont have to wait on the phone, I can get all my questions answered by simply logging on which I cannot do!!!!!!!!! Customer service!!!!!! I must be in a cartoon or another dimension!


Happy New Year to all!



Hi lisam000, we'd like to help in sorting this out. We have responded to your other post and we'd appreciate if you can send your details via PM.