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2nd building wifi router

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I have fibre to the wall in my house. 
outside of the house there is a connection (cat 5?) cable to my shed/gym. 30-40 metres away.

currently internet is available by plugging in to a wall socket. I want to change this to a wireless router. 
i have tried an extender and it is too far and does not work. 
i have a tp link brand modem from my previous FTTN service, how can i use this to create a second wifi connection?


Hi @231bhp . Just to clarify. You have FTTP to your house. You have ethernet cable to the shed. This would give you one ethernet device in shed. You want to use the old router in shed to provide for wifi devices.

What is the model of the main router and the old router?

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Hi @david64 

The main router is tp-link VX220-G2v

the router I have to use in the second building is a tp-link Archer VR300


if the second router isn't suitable I can buy another from Harvey Norman, or somewhere if you can recommend one.



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Quick update, I have it working now, thanks. 


Hi @231bhp . I see you have worked it out. I was just about to send this, so I'll send it anyhow.


Connect to VR300.
Advanced, Operation Mode. Select Wireless Router Mode.
LAN4/WAN port is now WAN port.


Basic, Internet, Connection Type.
Select Dynamic IP: set an address reservation in VX220 for the MAC address of the VR300.

Make it;
Select Static IP: in Advanced, Network, LAN Settings, select IPv4 and set IP address to


Advanced, Network, LAN Settings. Disable DHCP. (VX220 does all address allocations.)


Connect ethernet cable to VR300 LAN4/WAN port. VR300 will either request a dynamic ip address from VX220 and be given the reserved ip address, or just report its static ip address.

The VR300 wifi can be given the same SSID names and passwords as the VX220. For the 2.4 SSID, use a separate channel from VX220. Channels 1, 6, 11 give less interference between each other. For the 5 SSID, you might have to experiment with settings. A wifi device can move from the shed to the house without having to reconnect.
You can connect to the VR300 from either location by browsing its ip address.

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Thanks, I spoke too soon!

with the router plugged in and working in the shed the router in the house stops working.

unplugging the shed router gets the house wifi working so I guess there's a conflict somewhere.

to start the process you outlined I open the browser on my phone and type in the router IP address? I've not done this sort of thing before....

thanks again.


@231bhp . Both devices have default address of so you need to be careful which one you connect to. If you're using your phone, get the correct wifi network. Most of setup is done on VR300. You just enter the ip address in browser to get the login screen.

You can download the VR300 user manual from TP-Link; it will explain the setup a bit more.

There's no manual for the VX220.

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Got it, I will turn off the house router first while I am doing this to ensure I have the right router connection. 
I can't do it now anyway as my wife is wfh today.