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30 day notice of cancellation

Level 2
Hi, I tried to cancel my TPG Internet today as I have transferred to another provider.
I was told there is a 30 days notice period which I was never informed before.
I have paid for the billing period up until 10 July ish. And I have to pay up until 16 July for not using any service from TPG
I found this very unreasonable!! I have been with TPG for more than 10 years and no locked in contract with TPG anymore. Please waive the notice period and Please refund me for the period that I’m not with TPG otherwise I will file a case with ACCC
My account id is 5330140 thanks
Community Manager

Hi, @wilsonhuang1 . The 30-day cancellation notice is listed within our NBN Service Terms, which you can find using this link:


These terms can also be found at the bottom of our NBN page. You would've also agreed to them when signing up.

Level 2
Hi Jacob,
I didn’t sign up for the nbn plan. I was on the fttb plan.
Also, please send me prove that I agree on the T&C you mentioned. I’m not able to find anything in my mail box. If no prove, please waive the notice peirod. Otherwise I will bring this case to ACCC and TIO
Community Manager

You'll find the 30 notice period in section 13 of our FTTB terms, found here:

Send us a private message so we can take a look at the details of your account.

Level 3
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