Upgrade to NBN100

Level 3

Can someone from TPG please resolve this issue.


I was promised an upgrade to NBN100 in February and, after many interactions ( messages and phone calls) with Managers, Mods and Technicians who have all made promises that it "will happen from your next billing cycle", nothing has happened.


I am now in my THIRD billing cycle since this was promised and it is very frustrating. This offer was initiated by TPG and it would be nice if they could uphold their promises.


There is nothing worse than Customer Service making promises and then not following through with them. It does not fill me with any confidence about the operations of TPG.


I am a (very) long term customer - 23 years - and I am now seriously considering moving to another provider because of this issue.


I would love this issue to be resolved before I totally lose faith with TPG.

Level 3
I've asked for the same thing and gotten no where. I've lodged a TIO complaint. TPG are absolutely useless, I'd go somewhere else if I were you.