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5G Home Broadband connectivity has dropped

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I switched from ADSL to 5G Wireless Broadband in January this year, and have had very good connectivity till last Thursday. Since Friday (22nd July), the connectivity became intermittent and is really poor. Even when connected, the signal strength is poor. I cannot even watch TV properly.

I contacted the service desk and was told I would have to move the modem to a place where all the lights are green. I currently have three orange lights followed by 2 green ones. I tried moving the modem - and did get all green lights in my bedroom. But then - the TV is not able to connect to the modem. Also - my home security system is linked to the modem by a network cable - and does not connect by Wi Fi. 

I am now stuck with a very poor internet experience - and am unable to figure out what has changed. We live very close to a Telstra interchange and we should get good connectivity. 

Can this be resolved? Else I'll have to move back to ADSL or to a different service provider. 


Hi @warrik0312


Let's have a look at your service and see how we can sort out the connection issue. Send in your Customer ID or account number via PM so we can run diagnostics real time.