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5G home download slow- again

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my 5G download is very slow. So I did that recommended ritual - turn router off and on. Now it is slower. 7Mb download, 37Mb upload speed and hideous ping. That is far from 100Mb advertised.

I did call support and I have to wait for callback.

~6 months ago I called and TPG did something that download speed jumped to 200Mb. They turned it down to 100Mb shortly after.

Now it all over again- horrible speed, lags, and have to call TPG instead of them monitoring their base station.


Hi @artem,


We recommend checking out first the below articles:


5G Home Broadband - Troubleshooting Speed issues

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If the issue persists, please send in your Customer ID or username via private message so we can further assist and help improve your connection.