5g Home Boradband

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I have had the 5G Home Broadband since August 2021 and am not happy at all.  The service keeps dropping out on a very constant basis.  I have tried moving the modem around - to no avail.  I work from home and depend on the internet and when it keeps dropping out it is of no use to me and I am paying good money to have no service.  I also have Netfliix and as this uses the internet I watch any type of show normally in 5-10 minute increments and then I have to wait for the signal to catch up.

I am very unhappy with this service and explained this to the staff on a number of occasions they just tell me that because it is 5G it is very changeable.  Can anyone give me any suggestions as to getting this thing to work properly



Hi judithkaelin, check out this article for other troubleshooting steps that can be of help.


5G Home Broadband - Troubleshooting Speed issues


If you need further assistance, send us a private message with your details so we can take a closer look at your connection.




Level 2

Hi I am having the same problem currently, just wanted to find out if your issue has been resolved, and if yes how did u you tackle it?