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5g home broadband is slow as hell at the same time every single day for a month already.

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Sounds like our situation exactly! Tech guy said our RSSI was the problem and said he’d get someone to ring back from TPG to put us back to NBN. I’ve heard nothing so may find another company.

Hi @pjhome


Let's take a look at your service. Any chance you can PM us with your account number or customer ID? 




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Hi @pjhome ,


I can tell you what happens next: they will tell you that they will check everything once again.

I went through all of this and pushed a bit harder on a tech-guy who called me back saying that it's totally non-sense that I've got something interferring 5G from 7pm till 11pm everyday for couple of hours only and was asking which tests did they do... You know what? There are only 3 things they can actually do:

- ask YOU to tell them which speed you have RIGHT NOW, when they are calling you

- check if there are any outages in the area

- ask network team if there is an issue with network in the area


That's it... Engineering level "GOD". If you tell them that there is bottleneck somewhere in their hardware and they need to monitor it for an hour or so in the evening, to find the issue, they will tell you that they can't do it.

Monitoring is not accessible to TPG, nothing is accessible to TPG. Vodafone is the provider, which doesn't care at all.

I tested 5G with my phone via vodafone, got exactly the same result exactly at the same time.


Ended up with going back to NBN.


5G by TPG (vodafone) is of extremely poor quality, at least here, where I live.