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A concern of the billing of NBN internet plan upgrading

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Hi, I have I am currently using the nbn12, 100GB/mth NBN (no lock-in contrast)  boardband bundle with $49.99/month, and I want to upgrade to nbn12, unlimited data with $59.99/month. I have the following concerns:

  • I read of the article saying the upgrade is free. But when I am confirming the change, the conditions labeled “You will be immediately charged the first month's access fee for the new plan when your plan change application is processed. ” I was unsure what this means, will the bill of the new plan $59.99 being charged immediately after the application or is it some other fees?
  • Once I changed my plan, will I pay $59.99 today for the first month of new plan and $49.99 of the original bill will no longer be charged at the end of this month, then I will be paying for the new plan cycle rate after this month?  Thank you for answering!




Welcome to TPG Community!

With TPG you are always paying in advance,
You can go with plan upgrade, incase if you got overcharge,
It will adjust to the next billing circle.



Hi@zhounan65 , 


Arranged a callback, you will receive a call back soon, 

accounts team will help with your plan upgrade smooth.