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ADSL+ not working - TPG don't want to help

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My ADSL+ connection hasn't worked for a while, but my attached phone line is fine. TPG sent out a tech who said the home connection is fine, so they then went to the exchange and found that the signal is fine there as well. The issue lies somewhere between the exchange and my house, so TPG say they can't do anything. They say I can go to another carrier and they'll waiver the 30 day notice. What good is that!! If I go to another carrier, I'll have exactly the same issue as I have now.

TPG claim they have done everything they can, but they rent the service from the infrastructure owner, Telstra. I asked if they could report this with Telstra and get them to fix the issue, but they just repeated "we've done all we can". Complaints department and Ombudsman next? Anyone have a suggestion as to who else I can complain to?  Thanks

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Hi, Chris. I had a similar problem years ago (before I changed to TPG). 

your phone line and your computer line use the same pair of wires when it leaves your house, but

this will split somewhere in the Telstra owned copper. your problem is somewhere between this split and your

connection to the TPG port. I suggest you ring Telstra, and good luck with that.


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My issue is that TPG essentially 'rent' that copper from Telstra, and their own documentation say that for any faults you have to contact then and not Telstra. It should be TPGs responsibility to raise the issue with Telstra for a rectification. The issue only happens when the weather is damp or raining, and guess what season we're in....

TPG just wash their hands of the situation, probably because they'll get charged for raising a fault with Telstra, or they just can't be bothered. Falls into the too hard basket...


Hi @chrisfairley,


Welcome to TPG Community!

We have located an account using your community details and we can see that this issue has been escalated to our Complaints Resolution Team.


The case manager is now checking what can be done to resolve the issue and will be in touch via a phone call or email as soon as the assessment is completed.


Nonetheless, we'll make a follow up to ensure that a feedback will be provided as soon as possible.


Should you have a preferred contact details, please send it via private message. Thank you.

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Thanks Riezl. It’s is really important that we have a working connection as my wife’s doing a university degree and needs internet access to be able to do it. I really can’t accept that TPG can’t get Telstra to investigate this further, so I hope someone can find a resolution to this.

We have already made a follow up on this, but we'll continue monitoring the account and provide you with an update where possible, @chrisfairley.


Hi @chrisfairley, we can see that our Complaints Resolution Team has been in touch and discussed the concerns raised.


Should you have further queries, feel free to drop us a message. Thank you.

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What - thanks for the big fob off? Complaint sent to TIO to see if they can get TPG to do something other than getting rid of troublesome customers. You may rent the circuit from Telstra but that doesn’t give you a get out from resolving issues for your customers.

Based on the investigation performed, this appears to be the best service TPG can provide for your current infrastructure and no further action can be done to improve your service.


We have raised this matter to Telstra and they have sent multiple technicians who have investigated the issue, but the issue still persists.


We have also considered connecting you to a different copper line, but we are unable to do so as the copper cable is too far from the exchange and it's very risky to perform such changes. In addition, there's no guarantee if the connection will improve due to the current quality of copper line.


As much as we want to make changes and improvement, we do not own Telstra's infrastructure, thus the case engineer and the complaints resolution case manager have provided options and they are waiting for your decision.


You may directly contact the case manager via return mail for immediate assistance.


Should you have further queries, please let us know. Thank you.

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Tpg forgot to mention that you can complain online the ombudsmen gets them off of their butt's, don't forget that you can claim $50 a day that a complaint has not been fixed most of the time, there is more info on the site I linked for you