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Level 1d

I only use the computer to test the network speed
All other mobile phones and the like are closed without connection to the Internet

Then I tested the network speed is 693.66KPS
Many times even lower
Less than 100KPS
This is because of the problem that I think the Internet will be broken.

Contacted engineers many times but never resolved

Level 3

Do you mean KBPS ?  


try      while you are waiting for one of the mods.


also which service / speed are you signed up for  ?


Good day @yafei253699,


We've been waiting for the screenshot of your speedtest result on your previous post.


And are you able to describe your physical setup? Or much better post a picture of it for us to analyze.


Kind regards,

Level 1d
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Level 1d

Hi @yafei253699,


I'd like to arranged a call from one of our techncians to do real time testing. Please send us your best contact time and number via Private Message and we'll arrange this for you. 




Hi @yafei253699


I'd like to make a follow-up regarding your most convenient time and number to receive a callback from one of our technician to further assist with your internet concern.