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ADSL2+ No connection

Level 1

The internet at our place is currently disconnected. Wall socket and modem are well connected while the ADSL light is off.

Please help us figure out this issue. Thanks.
Level 4

Has internet worked at your place before with the current equipment?

Did you try disconnecting everything from the telephone line and then connecting the modem only directly to a wall socket?

Try to connect a phone to a wall socket via an ADSL2+ filter and check if you have dial-tone.

If no dial-tone try another filter? If no other filter available, try without any filter.

If you get no dial tone with the phone test, that probably indicates you have a line problem and you need to get help from TPG.


Level 1b

TPG customer srvice is **en woeful.


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Are you able to send us a private message with the customer ID or username so we can check the status of the service?


Hi @deedeen,


We have replied to your other post, please check our response here:


Thank you.