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Modem Keeps Crashing (FTTP)

Level 1a

We have the Archer C1200. It's running the latest firmware. We've never had this problem before but for the last week the modem just switches off and back on again. Do I need to buy an alternative modem or what is the recommended course of action?

Level 1a

Here is a screenshot of the modem.


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I checked the account and learned that you were able to contact our Tech team last night and was informed to monitor the connection and give us a picture of your modem once the service dropped again.


You can post the pictures here so we could help our Tech team to assess the issue that you are experiencing.


I have done a remote test and was not able to detect any issues on the NBN network. Since you notice that almost all of the light on the modem was turned off when the service dropped, there's a possibility that the issue is happening on your own router or modem. If you have another router to try, it will help us narrow down the issue.


Keep us posted with any update.


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