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ADSL2+ Setup Guide

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What is this guide all about?


This guide will help you set up your NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) service from TPG.


Read on for our step-by-step instructions or check out our helpful youtube video:



Before you get started, you need:

1. Email advising service has been installed






2. ADSL2+ compatible modem/router or TPG supplied modem/router (current modem TP-Link WD9970).


 3. An ADSL Filter/Splitter



It’s time to plug in your ADSL2+ compatible modem/router to your telephone socket.



  1. Connect your PC (marked as number 1 in the diagram) to any LAN ports on the back of your modem/router.
  1. Connect the power port (marked as number 2 in the diagram) on the back of your modem/router to your power socket.
  1. Connect the DSL splitter (marked as number 3 in the diagram) to your phone socket.
  1. Connect the VDSL port on the back of your modem/router (marked as number 4 in the diagram) to the Modem port on the DSL splitter.
  1. Connect the Phone port (marked as number 5 in the diagram) on the DSL splitter to your telephone handset.



Manually configuring the modem (if required)

Note: If you get your modem from TPG, you are not required to configure your modem as TPG has already configured your modem with your account details.


  1. Open your browser and in the address bar type and press Enter.
  1. Enter admin for both the username and password and click Login. If you have changed the login credentials, please enter the current username and password for the modem/router interface.
  1. Select Network and tick WAN Settings.
  1. Enter your TPG username and password. Click Save.




Connecting wireless devices to your TPG modem/router




You can connect your wireless devices using the information written on the sticker of your modem/router. The SSID is your wireless name that should be visible on the sticker on the bottom of the modem. Use the wireless password in order to connect securely to your modem/router.


That's all! If you have any trouble getting online, reach out on TPG Community or give us a call on 13 14 23 and we’ll be happy to help.