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ADSL2+ Slow Upload speeds

Level 1c
Downstream Rate:5942 kbps
Upstream Rate:464 kbps


Upload speed is very slow, speed tests stop when checking upload speed.

Download speed is a little below average but upload speed is less than half the average.

I have tried different modems and have no other devices attached to any phone sockets. 

No alarm systems connected and I am using a wired connection. 


Please help.


Good day @Junyun.


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We would like to look into it to understand the situation. Please shoot me a Private message with your TPG username or CID number.


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Level 1c

I have sent a PM awhile back and have received no responses.


Good day @Junyun,


We've run some remote test and was able to detect some noise interference which causes the issue. We've made some adjustments to lessen the interference, but we need to look into it further.


I will arrange a call from our Tech team using the details saved in your account within the day.


Kind regards,

Level 1c

Thanks or your response. Since the adjustments, I have noticed significant reduction in download speed and slight increase in upload speed. Still far below average.This is what my connection looks like:


Downstream Rate:4244 kbps
Upstream Rate:788 kbps


Hi @Junyun,


Our call back request has been acknowledged by our technical team. One of our phone technicians will be in contact today between 7-8PM AEDST for additional troubleshooting assistance.


Please don't hesitate to reach out should you need further assistance. For future reference, you may utilise the following links below for some self help options:


Service Status:

Need help online? Please check our self help options located here:


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