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ADSL2+ Speed

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Just wondering if anyone is experiencing ADSL2+ issue I am having.


We have signed up for ADSL2+ for years now, but the speed seems to be dropping everyday.


I work for an MSP company myself and our company does provide business grade NBN services hence I am happy to troubleshoot.


At the moment we are less than 1 KM from the exchange. ADSL2+ should be getting average sync of 17MB/s max.


But I am getting around 0.08 - 1.55 MB down and ~0.10 Up with all other phones disconnected as well as other device being inactive.


Purchased a new modem going from the "provided" Netcomm to D-Link with the same issue.


Have contacted TPG but they just go over the same script (e.g. please reboot, please unplug all device etc which I have tried).


Is there anything else I can try. Very tempted to try another ISP but they only offer ADSL at my street.


Thank you in advanced.


Hi @jonathankhng,


We'd like to look into this further as the speed is quite low if you are under 1 KM from the exchange. Please send me the TPG username or CID number via private message.



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Hi DasilDV,


Thanks for getting back to me.


I will PM you shortly.


PM received and was able to pull up the account.


I'm done with the remote test and was not able to detect any issues on the network. Currently, based on our tests, your modem is getting a passing speed from the exchange.


You are getting a Downstream rate of 18508 Kbps and Upstream rate of 1020. You can also see this information in your modem interface.


Look at this link if it's going to help us with the slow connection.



I can also arrange a call from our Tech team to help us with the troubleshooting. Just PM us your preferred time and best number to be contacted.



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Thank you.


I will run some more isolation testing in the next few days.

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I have the same problem

Could you please look into this ASAP?

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