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Modem drop outs

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I have a TP-Link modem which works really well apart from regular drop outs about every second day( on ADSL2) By switching off power the Modem resets again.  My question is should the Modem automatically reconnect if the service is restored rather than me having to do the power switch.

The Modem is about 1 year old so if I have to replace, what brand should I buy as NBN is imminent in my suburb.


Some older ADSL2 modems used to have an option in the WAN Settings to either "Automatically Connect, Connect On Demand, or Connect Manually" to the internet.


You don't see those settings anymore nowadays as current modems will automatically reconnect to your internet service if a signal disruption occurs either at the customer premises (caused by faulty phone cables, or corrosion in the wall socket, internal cabling, or the building's MDF) or from TPG's DSL network (caused by line faults, outages, equipment failure).


So your one-year old modem should just automatically reconnect in the event of signal disruptions. It will reconnect at the most stable speed it can manage to maintain given existing line conditions from your house up to TPG's ADSL equipment at the local phone exchange.


This most stable connection may well be slower than what you are used to having. It may even be considered "unusable" for normal online usage, so unless the ADSL equipment at the local phone exchange tells your modem to reconnect at a higher speed, or until another disruption forces your modem to reconnect, you may have to manually restart your modem.


Please report any service disruption or slow speeds to our Technical Support team for assistance.


TPG supplies NBN-compatible modems on its NBN plans. A $10 modem delivery fee applies. There's no need to purchase your own NBN-compatible modem.





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Good day @barry240,


Welcome to TPG Community!


I was able to pull up your account using your email address and there's no evident fault on the network. When you experience the internet drop outs, did you notice any light changes on your modem? Are your device connected via Wireless or Wired connection?


If it's wireless, have you noticed the WiFi signal on your device if it's gone? Or if you were unable to detect the WiFi network? In improving your WiFi connection, you might need to try the steps posted in here.


If it's wired, did you notice the changes on the light status of your modem? You can try changing the Ethernet cable, in case it's causing the issue.


Our NBN plans do come with a free WiFi modem/router. If the NBN technology available for you is FTTN/FTTB, then the home phone needs to be connected to your modem directly. Given this, once you change the modem with your preferred one, then the HP will not work.


Here are some lists of modem/routers that are NBN compatible. Check it here.


Kind regards,