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ADSL connection

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Hi all,


I had the Telstra person come for the installation a few days ago and he said that my telephone line is not connected or wired properly and so couldnt install. I then asked my electrician who checked and told me that everything is fine and blamed the Telstra guy for lack of knowledge. Now I have rescheduled the Telstra visit this week. What happens if the issue persists? My electrician is not convinced there is an issue and is very grumpy and I dont know how to get this thing to work.The Telstra person is not going to touch the internal wires which is fair enough.I tried contacting another technician via Airtasker but he said that your electrician is the best person to approach.

Does anyone have any suggestion?


Hi @adarsha77,


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For this kind of cases, are you able to ask your own Technician to show up on the day of the installation to guide the Telstra technician and to confirm that no issue with your internal wiring? Since he is more knowledgeable of it, he will be helpful for the Tesltra tech to finish the job on that day.


If your technician is not available, at any case that the Telstra technician came and find that the issue on the internal wiring is still evident, then the installation will be held which needs to be rescheduled once again.



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