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Hi guys,


I am sick and tired of contacting you guys on the phone because you always tell me to try the same pointless things and don't come up with any solutions. Plug in via ethernet - Done, Brand new router - done, speed test - done 10 times.




I have always had slow internet with TPG. Always.

I have contacted tpg several times. Still slow.


I am on unlimited ADSL2+. I live in Windsor, Melbourne, Victoria approximately 500m from the exchange. I have 2 devices connected to the wifi and 1 via ethernet. All struggle to open pages. Netflix drops out every 5 minutes. I have to use my mobile to watch videos and calling over wifi is not even worth trying. This should not be happening, we are in 2018!


Heres my 10 x speed test by Ookla results (when the page would actually load):

Ping: 261

Download: 3.58

Upload: 0.02


Ping: 247

Download: 2.6

Upload: 0.07


Ping: 316

Download: 2.46

Upload: 0.02


Ping: 276

Download: 2.67

Upload: 0.00


Ping: 289

Download: 2.79

Upload: 0.03


Ping: 342

Download: 2.88

Upload: 0.00


Ping: 234

Download: 2.92

Upload: 0.02


Ping: 342

Download: 2.87

Upload: 0.00


Ping: 366

Download: 3.2

Upload: 0.01


Ping: 247

Download: 2.47

Upload: 0.07


I'm no expert but I am fairly certain that those speeds are unacceptable.


Please fix my internet or tell me how because otherwise I am moving to another company. I have had over 2 years of this rubbish.

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Yep we get told the same thing,  now they are sending out Telstra to connect to a new phone line from the Exchange, yet a Telstra Tech came out two weeks ago and told me he had done that.


TPG are liars, they will just lead you on to the stage where they will tell you...sorry that's all we can do, you can go to another provider.


Oh and don;t bother asking for refund or compensation for crap unusable speeds..get told,,thats up to your case officer..who never calls or not available when  you call, just sends you pretryped emails.


Took us  6hrs to download a  90mb file....and forget about Netflix we have had tro cancel that.


TPG are a fraud and a serious sad joke...


Good day @happymelonbox,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We'd like to look into it to understand the situation. Please shoot me a message with your TPG username or CID number. We really want to help turn your experience around.


Kind regards,


Good day @happymelonbox,


Thank you for sending your CID via private message.


I have run some remote test, but was not able to detect any fault on the copper infrastructure that we are using. I've seen that you were getting a slower sync speed before which is about 4957 Kbps Downstream and 213 Kbps Upstream. After I've refreshed your connection, the speed went up to 18770 kbps Downstream and 1020 Kbps Upstream, which you can also view on your modem interface.


We need more information to visualize the set up that you have to provide more input on what is happening or how to resolve it.


What is the brand of the modem that we are using right now? And how old is it?


How long is the phone cable that we are using to connect your modem to the phone outlet? How many phone outlets do we have on the premises? Are we using a home phone as well?


Kind regards,

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This is the thing that TPG tells me every time. "There's no issues but when I refreshed the connection the stream has gone up" What am I supposed to do? Call every day and have my connection refreshed?


I have a Netgear d6200. It is 2 months old. I bought it because TPG told me my router was the problem. BUT I have the exact same problem.


I have one phone port in the house. I have no phone connected to it. My cable running to the router is less than a metre long. There are no large metal objects near the router. All the router settings are set as per the information sheet provided by TPG. I have reset my router numerous times. The firewall is not turned on. 


I am sure you can understand my frustration as I have had this same conversation with TPG so many times it makes me sick.


I have just done a speed test:

Ping: 28

Download: 12.8 (for the first time ever)

Upload: 0.87




Hi @happymelonbox,


We understand that you've heard it numerous time, but it is the result that we have from our test. You can view the sync speed of your Netgear modem by accessing it's interface, which can help you see the exact speed that your modem is getting.


Every test that we've run shows no damage/fault on the copper line that we are using to provide you the service.


When you experience the sudden drop of speed, what are the troubleshooting that you've been doing?

Is your modem connected to the phone outlet with a splitter or none?

Did you notice any damage, or if the phone outlet is corroded?


Kind regards.


Good day @happymelonbox,


Just ding a follow up.


I can still detect that your Netgear modem is getting a good sync speed, with 18637 kbps Downstream and 1020 Kbps Upstream. Are you still experiencing slow internet issues?


Kind regards,


Good morning, @happymelonbox.


We can still detect that your Netgear modem is receiving a good sync speed.


In case you experience this kind of issue again, please try to unplug and re-plug the RJ11 cable (phone cable) from the modem and from the phone outlet while the modem is off to refresh the connection.


Kindly check the phone outlet as well if there's any evident damage or corrosion.


Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,