ADSL2+ unstable

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Since 2 days ago, my internet connection has been unstable. It regularly disconnects and most of the time there’s no connection. Could I get support on this?

Hi @hhwong,


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I've searched for your account using your Community name and was able find a match.


I've ran remote tests and even though we're seeing disconnections, the results does not show a physical fault on the line outside.


We need to consider the factors that could possible cause drop outs. This issue is commonly caused by faulty hardware or phoneline like modem, filter, phone socket, internal cabling or poor copperwire quality. To eliminate issues on your end. Please do the following:


  • Check cables if properly connected
  • Connect modem directly to wall(w/o filter, double adaptor, power surge protector)
  • Try different phone cable (preferably 3m long or less)
  • Try different wall socket
  • Reset to factory defaults your modem and reconfigure
  • Do an isolation test (Connect modem directly to phone outlet using less than 3m phone cable, no filter, double adaptor, disconnect all phones and phone devices eg: back to base alarm, foxtell, pabx, commander, efpos)
  • Try different modem (if possible)

Should the issue persists, please let us know.




Hi @hhwong,


We'd like to check the case that you've raised to us previously. 


Should you need further assistance, please let us know.