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Thanks Shane,
maybe I should have been more clear. What I want to do is to securely connect to my internal network from the internet. So far I do that with port forwarding, SSL and a dynamic DNS. And even your answer was that the modem would not provide DynDNS functionality,  I know that I could do that with a script or cron job. So I ordered the modem and got everything setup (apart from some minor things)

To my surprise the modem DOES offer a dynamic DNS function (for DynDNS servie and NOIP service, not DuckDNS but that is not the issue) The issue is that unlike NBN the 4G service does not provide any public IP address. I was not aware of that. Only after some strange behaviour, I was able to locate the problem. It is CG-NAT and no port forwarding will be possible. (I found this here in the forum after I figureed out whcih search words to use)

So if you confirm that there is no unique and publicly reachable IP address to modem, I  will not be able to use the 4G internet and will cancel my trial?


Hi @beyerstefan


The TPG Home Wireless Broadband is using CG-NAT. It is also posted on our website:


What is CG-NAT and how does it affect Home Wireless Broadband services?


Techy types should be aware that Home Wireless Broadband uses CG-NAT. Carrier-grade NAT (Network Address Translation) is a type of network that assigns services with a private IP address, instead of a dynamic public IP address. Our network will then translate that private address into a public address. This means that the following items (which depend on internal NAT) will not work on Home Wireless Broadband:

  • Port forwarding
  • Hosting web, email or file servers internally
  • Smart Home systems (e.g. accessing security camera footage remotely, home automation and printers)
  • Remote Access (i.e. accessing your home computer or devices from another location)

If you need any of these items in your home setup, Home Wireless Broadband won’t be the right fit for you. Please check your address on our website for one of our other great broadband plans.



If you'll terminate the trial, please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted by our Accounts team to discuss the process.