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Alternate router to use on HFC

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Thanks - I was hoping it would help someone.

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Hi.  Not sure what you mean?  I did share it back on page 1 with screenshots.



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Hi there

Apologies I read this as troubleshooting for the net hear d7000 having no luck with tpg assisting

Good day @craig210788,


Welcome to TPG Community!


If you have an NBN ready Netgear D7000 modem/router, you will be able to use it on your TPG NBN service, however, the home phone will not work on it.


Me and @Jasonlouey74 were able to configure his own Netgear D7000 modem/router using the settings below.


First, you need to access your Netgears User interface by typing the numbers in the address bar as or (Assuming that you are already connected to your Netgear modem)


Then follow this settings:

  • Put a check on the VLANID then set it to 2.
  • On the question, "Does your internet service provider requires a login?" You need to click on "Yes".
  • Then it will ask for a username and password, you need to put your TPG account credentials.
  • The "Internet IP address" should be set to automatic/Dynamic.
  • The transfer mode and DSL mode should be VDSL2/VDSL.
  • Multiplexing method should be LLC-Based (if available after you changed the mode to VDSL).
  • VLANID = 2
  • Encapsulation should be PPPoE.

Keep us updated if it worked or not.


Kind regards,


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I've seen some people did this but not sure if it's for D700 as well

but the idea is if it's for HFC you have to set your Netgear as a wireless/home gateway to enable the WAN/Internet Port instead of the ADSL/VDSL port.

For some netgear it should be on advance tab -> set up -> XDSL

then go to internet settings and enable VLAN tagging and set it to 2

use PPPoE for the connection type and enter your TPG UN and PW



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Thanks for this Cameron.


Confirming Cameron's instructions also work for the TP-Link Archer C59

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Thanks for this Cameron.


Confirming Cameron's instructions also work for the TP-Link Archer C4000

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but need to make sure the defult gateway setup as instead of, and all the port forwarding function is working also