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Archer VR1600 Connection dropout

Level 2

As the Subject suggests, my Archer VR1600 router is dropping out and rebooting itself several time a day, and as often as once an hour. I am on NBN HFC connection, with router connected by WAN port to the arris hfc connection box.  The problem started around December last year (~2 months ago)


As a workaround, I set up an older router I had laying around as my main router/modem connected to the Arris box, and connected the Archer via bridge mode to the  main router so I could continue with existing wifi networks.  This worked and I did not experience any dropouts/rebooting  however this meant i could not use the VOIP phone.


Several days ago, I decided to retry the Archer as my main router, and did a full reset, re-entered my ppoe credentials and reset my wifi networks.  This worked and appeared stable for a day or so, hoever the problem as re-emerged and the device has started to disconnect and reboot.


Have read a few other posts on this whcih suggest it may be a hardware issue, have not logged it with TPG support as yet.




Hi @dyelvert1


The VoIP will only work on a TPG supplied modem/router. Let's work on checking how we can get the issue sorted. 


Any chance you can PM us with your TPG account details?