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Archer VR1600v Parental Control

Level 2

I have spent the better part of two hours, followed all instructions above and yet this feature 100% does not work. Could you please clarify how well it works at your end as I doubt it is working at all.

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The only other option would have been to turn guest wifi on and off for the kids to use, but only option is to turn off all wifi as you cant turn off one and leave the other on. In todays times with kids fixed on there phones the battle is real. If i was TPG I would have put more thought into which router to use as these features are very important.

Level 2

I have the same problem as you.The same as you experienced.I doubt whether this function can be used.I just want to limit the time my child can use the phone, but it just doesn’t work

Level 2

Same issue here. I have  been trying to set this up for few months now and it never worked.

Shame on you TPG if you can't get this basic feature not working

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If you want to restrict all contents, it's easier to choose the "Whitelist" option and have no keyword added. I found this configuration from another forum:

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I have been trying to use parental controls for months and its not only poorly explained in the manual it does not work. Time is correct and all instructions followed but the devices on the mac addresses still access the internet. If it does in fact work then something is missing from the manual. Do you need to reboot the router or the device being restricted or what. This is very frustrating and I will be calling TPG at my first available time.


Level 2

Anyone here who is using Archer VR1600 V and had success in using Parental Control.

Explored all the options but it doesn't work and internet access works fine


Only option that i am selecting as of now is Device Control using which 100% Access can be turn off or Turned on more like guest control


But very very Poor configuration and setup and thanks to TPG who always refer us to go back to TPLink.