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Archer VR1600v turn off CWMP?

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I signed up on a small office plan and was sent the archer vr1600v modem router.


However I do have a low traffic server that sits behind this router with a FQDN running my work cloud and mail server which needs to be put into the DMZ of the router (as I alreay have my own firewall), however I cannot do this because of a service called CWMP which for the life of me I cannot turn off.


I can run the modem in bridge mode to my UniFi USG however you then lose VoIP capability when running in this mode. The CWMP also leaves ports open which is not very ideal for those who don't change the default access username and passwords.


Is there a setting somewhere I can change or a firmware update available to remedy this?

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I have just installed Google Wifi which ultimately creates a double NAT in my network. Easy answer is enable DMZ but I get the same problem as you do and because I have VOIP, cannot bridge the modem.


I have same question. How do I enable DMZ? With the release  of mesh wifi network devices now at consumer level, this is going to become a problem.


Dear All,


The open CWMP ports are not a security risk. They are used for remote configuration of the modem on TPG’s network. The modem will not accept a request from a remote CWMP server unless the user manually overides the CWMP server setting in the GUI.


We have a firmware upgrade that fixes the DMZ issue.


@ccall48 can you PM your TPG username to me so I can have your firmware upgraded


@arrikhan your firmware upgrade is done. Please try to enable the DMZ.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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@Joseph_DThanks, had new firmware pushed to modem a few weeks ago after I contacted helpdesk and I can set DMZ now with CWMP turned on.


@ccall48 That's great! Let us know if you need further assistance.





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Tested DMZ and now works! no more double NAT! Great work


Awesome! Please don't hesitate to reach out should you need any assistance with your TPG service. -Mc

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Iam having the same issue, i called up suppot and they could not help - can you advise where this firmware can be obtained from? 




Hi @timtomasko.


Welcome to the Community!


Please send us a private message with your customer ID or username so we can take a look at your account.


Please also provide the Serial Number of the modem via PM.


We'll wait for your response. Thank you.

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thanks, pm sent