Bad service

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Dont conect with this company they took 4 months to install my service then tried to charge me 119 dollars 3 weeks after it was finally completed i prepaid 4 months earlier so when the technician came to connect it as you have to prepay it this company is a rip off to the Australian people if anyone reading this want more info for the full story complete with eveidence by way of recorded phone calls feel free to Facebook me also any customers who had the same problem pm me we need to stand up to nbn providers who do this to their customers

Hi @Charmaine,


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We understand that your customer relations case manager has been in touch via E-mail as he was not able to reach you via phone call. Please be advised that when you applied for a relocation, you were advised that continuous charge will apply while relocation is being processed.


You applied for the relocation back in August 2018 and the last charge for your monthly fee was also on August 2018.


Our record also shows that TPG have recently charged you for 2 billing cycles which is from 12 December 2018 until 11 January 2019, and from 12 January 2019 until 11 February 2019 amounting to $119.98 in total.


*TPG is a prepaid service, as part of our billing system’s automation, we charge 7 days before the next billing cycle.


You may respond to the E-mail that was sent to you or provide us your preferred time and best number to be contacted on Monday as they resume their operation.


Kind regards,