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Bridge Connector using VR1600v

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I am trying to use two TPG provided TP Link Archer VR1600v to set one as main modem/router and use second as a bridge connector. 


When I am using the second as bridge connector, I am not able to find any option to enable WDS. I had read some other threads in which it was mentioned that WDS was disabled by TPG (ReallY??) and was asked to wait for a firmware update.

I wanted to know if WDS is enabled now? How can I get it enabled? IF not, then what other option I have to convert my second modem as bridge / range extender


Hi @abhi2608,


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The WDS function of the TP-Link VR1600 is currently not available.


You may set a LAN to LAN connection instead.


You may refer to the instruction that was given by JovemarL on how to set it. Here's the link.