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Bridging tp link archer vr1600v and asus dsl-ac68u modem router

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Hi all. I have seen the TPG moderator's coments on how to bridge TP LinkArcher VR1600 to NetGear Night Hawk. But I don't have the NetGear, I have the Asus DSL-AC68u and it is much more powerful in its wireless capabilities than the Tplink in this house we live in. My Asus was already setup to route Optus's Cable connection (we are disconnecting that now that we have NBN) and one of the LAN ports (port4) is now a WAN port. What I couldn't figure out are:

  1. How to configure the Asus? I have connected the LAN on Tp-Link to the LAN on ASUS..... I get ** fast internet for sure, but I like the Asus to be my wireless router  in the part of the house that has black spot or poor connection. I can't figure out what I am supposed to do when attaching the cables (as explained in the NetGear way)
  2. What is the difference between bridging it or making the Asus the Point of Acsess? Which one is faster?
  3. If I am to to the Point of Access do I then configure the Asus? 



Hi @niluh, if you want your Asus modem router to be used as a Wi-Fi extender for dead zones, you need to connect a long ethernet cable from the TP Link modem to your ASUS router


If you don't want to  use the TP Link's Wi-Fi, you can switch it off and make sure that your ASUS device is configured to "router only". The ASUS device will then supply  the Wi-Fi connection.


We also recommend having a read on this community discussion, which may address this query:


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Hi Riezl,


Would you please be able to detail on how we could disable the Tp Link Archer V1600's Wi-Fi and use the ASUS device's configuration to router only?

Also if we do this, will I still be able to use the VOIP phone that is conntected to the Tp Link? 




Hi @eagerboier


Welcome to the community!


We had encountered the same issue before, connecting 3rd party router using our supplied modem/router and it actually work by changing the router's connection mode to "DHCP mode"


You may visit this link:


On the other hand, as long as our supplied modem/router will service as the main modem/router the VoIP service should work.


Let us know should you require further assistance.




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Just wondering did you manage to get it working? If so can you please shed some light on the set up?