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Broadband internets & Mobile internet FUNCTIONAL differences

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As expected Vodafone email relaying is DENIED on a TPG platform. A few well accepted reasons for that.

The "" email server receiving SMTP traffic WILL ONLY RELAY TPG customers .....with a TLD.

HOWEVER if A Vodafone product is a PART of the TPG OFFERING (ie Mobile Broadband)

...That restriction SHOULD THEN NOT APPLY!!! ...BUT that restriction does apply.

One evidence is that a email acct Also cannot AUTHENTICATE on Port 22 , Port 587, or Port 465 FROM a Mobile broadband connection to the server.

AFAIK A disclaimer to the fact that the two products do not behave as expected is not made by TPG sales advertising.

An email acct ( can (Email) relay outside of the TPG mail server to another email server. Where as a (xxxxx@abc.xx.xx) ie Non email acct CAN NOT.

Again ....if the ( wants to relay thru TPG from the TPG product it should able to .......BUT not the case for the Mobile broadband product ..(which happens to be on the Vodafone network).