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Call hung up? Terrible support loops

Level 2

Internet issue where I had to speak to about 7 people (providing my details each time, again and again). 


When I finally got the "right" NBN support provider, I waited on hold for an hour, and only then did TPG say the wait times were too long and HUNG UP on me. No internet for a week now. Took today off from the office so that I could fix it, and then this happens. 

Altogether about 1.5hrs on the phone. 


I have the reference number handy - TPG, can you please contact me ASAP. And fix your support loop system.

It's a terrible customer experience. I will say that everyone on the phone is lovely. Just these support systems they're working in very unhelpful for everyone. 


Hi @deekay123


Sounds like this issue may be raised to our Engineering team. Flick us the ticket number via private message so we can check the status and work on towards a resolution.