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Can I change an email alias to a slave account?

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I have an alias for my primary email that I would like to convert to a slave account.
There doesn't seem to be a method to accomplish this directly and I fear that if I delete the alias and then try to register it as a slave, I risk losing it altogether.
Is there a way to accomplish this? Or can support staff do this for me via an email request?


Cheers for any help you can offer Smiley Happy


Hi @Redshift,


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I will raise this to our postmaster to check if it is possible to be done manually to avoid losing your both Alias and Slave E-mails.


PM me your Alias Email. In case you need a reference: How to send a Private Message.




Hi @Redshift,

Thanks for sending me your details. I will raise to our postmaster and updates will be provided on Monday.



@Redshift for as long as no one else has used that e-mail address in TPG except as an alias then you should be able to make it as a slave e-mail address/account.


Just remove the that username as an alias and register it as a slave e-mail address.


Looking into your e-mail I can see that the alias in question has not been a slave or main e-mail address in TPG.


This link may help


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Joseph D

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Thank you.

That worked, with no problems.

I appreciate the help.

Smiley Happy