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Can't connect to internet

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No dial tone, modem couldn't find server, can u please check the phone line. Please

Hi keigoleung


Thanks for reaching out and we're sorry to know that you're experiencing connection issues. I've managed to run remote tests and have found no fault on the line and on the network. 


I'll organise a call back to be made from our Technical Team so we can perform troubleshooting to diagnose the cause of connection performance issues as the results will indicate what is required to resolve the matter.


May I know which time is most convenient for you to receive a call? Also, is the best contact number the one we have which ends in XXXXXX9922? 


We'll wait for your kind response. 




Level 1d



According to the modem log, the line got cut off at 3am, and it doesn't able to connect until i off to work.

not sure it is back on now or not, will check again when i am home tonite.

yes you can call me anytime but i am not at home so i couldn't help with the testing, the phone number is correct.




I understand keigoleung however, we would need for you to be home so we can do real-time tests. As mentioned, I can see that the modem is connected and has internet access. As for the homephone, we definitely need to perform troubleshooting as there is no evident line fault found based on the test results. 


Please let us know on when it is best to organise a call back to be made whilst you're home. 



Level 1d

Thanks for reply, i had tested the phone line after back, seems everything back to normal now,

checked the modem log seems nothing happen after last night.


Thanks for informing us, @keigoleung.


We've checked the status of your connection and it shows stable for more than 19 hours now.


For now, we'll monitor this and if the issue persists, please drop us a message so we can investigate further. Thank you.

Level 1a
As I’m at home it’s no problem BUT if I go out it doesn’t accept the password

Hi @Ramiro35,


Welcome to the community!


We'd like clarify your case. Are you connecting to the same Wifi network name?