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I requested the installation of internet at xxxxxxxxx.

The service was initially scheduled to be installed on 1st October 2018 but on  27- Sep a TPG guy call me and told me that the will rescheduled the installation to the 10 October they did not give me a real reason for that.

On 10 October I was a my house waiting for Telstra all the day but no body came here and no bodi call me.
Then, on 12nd October a Telstra technician called me in the morning saying that he will came to my house in 2 hours. At moment I was working and my wife was at home. 

The technician told  me that he will call me later or came the next day.
So, no body came that day also and my wife was waiting.
After that day I have not call from TPG.

PLease if you are unable to install the service I need the full refund of my money other ways I am going to complaint on the Fair Trade NSW.
Please I need a response soon.



Hi @davidaf7,


Welcome to the community!


I apologise for the delay and understand you feel that your service is taking far too long to install. I would love to help and see get the bottom of this. I tried to use your community details to pull up the account unfortunately no match.


To better understand the situation, I'd like to get your account details (Username/Customer ID). You can send it via PM.


In case you need a reference: How to send a PM.




@davidaf7 We found your account by cross referencing your address and other details provided on the community. 


We believe the service can be installed but we need your cooperation on this matter. I have asked our case manager to contact you directly to provide further assistance.


Kind regards,

Joseph D