Level 2

Hi TPG Team,


I need to cancel my TPG account due to unfortunate circumstances.

I wasn't able to return to Australia due to the travel ban and am not sure when I will be returning, please cancel my account as soon as possible.


On another note, I enjoyed TPG's service so far but must say the cancellation process is too complicated.

I understand that the current situation is difficult, but there are easier ways. First of all, cancellation is not a topic on the website and there are no instructions on how to cancel. This should be something I could do in my account settings for example. This would make your work easier and my life, too. Hanging in the chats for over 2 hours now and had been told three times I would be transferred but nobody could tell me how long to wait!? Still nothing happening... Anyway, this is just feedback which I think many others will agree with. For me, one of the most important things with a service provider is the flexibility and how easy it is to cancel. I was under the impression it would be different at TPG.


Please could you cancel my account asap and send a confirmation email to


Thanks and regards,