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Cannot Send Email Rejected by the Server/Banned from using SMTP

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Cannot Send Email Rejected by the Server/Banned from using SMTP


If you can't send email using your Email Client but can send through our Postoffice, chances are your email address have been block from using our SMTP server.


You may get the following error message when sending email.

For MAC: Rejected by the SMTP Server

For Windows: Banned from using SMTP


Our SMTP Server automatically block and Postmaster can manually block email address from sending email using SMPT for security purposes.


Most common issue is when an email address has been compromised and is being use for the following:

  1. TPG SMTP servers detected that the email address is sending spam emails, virus or malware.
  2. TPG SMTP server has detected that your account is sending message to a large number of recipients; Unsolicited bulk email (UBE) / Unsolicited commercial email (UCE).
  3. TPG SMTP Server has detected that your email has been use with a foreign IP Address “overseas”.

You can follow the simple steps below to fix this issue:

  1. Change you TPG account password online:
  2. After changing the password. Wait for 15-30 minutes before sending an email.

Let us know if we can be of further assistance.


Accepted Solutions
Level 2

I emailed the postmaster and the problem was fixed quite quickly and thunderbird now sends email ok. No idea what was done but thanks for prompt attention .


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Level 2

I am travelling overseas. I have changed my password three times.  This time it does not accept the new password. 


Hi @mahonytp,


Could you be more specific with your sentence that 'it did not accept the new password'?


Who did not accept the password? Is it when you try to login to your email client or post office or TPG My Account?


We'd like to analyze the issue further, but require more specific information in order to provide a resolution.



Level 2

I am normally able to get onto TPG Post office but I am unable to get Outlook 365 to accept the new password. 

Thanks for your reply


If you're able to log in to TPG Post Office using the new password, but the Outlook 365 it not accepting this, you may need to double check the Outlook 365 settings.


Are you getting any error message?

Level 2

I have changed my password and there is no change in the email status. Able to recieve but unable to send.Can send through TPG post office however.

I have spoken to TPG over the phone who never repsonded in the 24Hr time frame they said they would.

I reported it online and also have had no response. If TPG has banned or blocked my user account they should be required to lift the block if changing the password is all they specify to do to fix the issue


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Level 2

Have followed your advice and changed passwords several times BUT THE PROBLEM REMAINS.

Level 2

I am having this very issue. I have tried changing my password a number of times, and waiting the 15-30 minutes (generally much longer), but the problem with outgoing mail persists. What other solutions are there to this problem? Many thanks!


Note: no VPN is in use.

Level 2

Changed password, still does not work, this happened because I used Auto-responder while away and all the junk emails that would have bounced back made TPG block my account. Please unblock it. I have contacted TPG 3 times, waiting for someone to talk to me online, I was 144th in line over an hour ago. 

Level 2

Have reset password but still get the same message