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Change of Ownership form

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I’m filling in a change of ownership form for my TPG  network account, however there are some parts of the form that I am unsure how to complete.


What would be the ‘service number’ that the New Service Owner needs to complete?


Also, on the direct debit authorisation form it asks for the ADSL location number. What does this refer to?


Thank you in advance.



Hi @Pippatamblyn,


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The "Service Number" pertains to the Home phone number of the account that will be transferred to the new service owner.


On the page 2 of 3 of the COO forms, you just need to fill up the section "E" which is the "Direct Debit Payment Details".


After accomplishing the form, please send the form via fax 02 9850 0813 or send it as an attachment (PDF) via email to


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What if I don't have a home phone? I am trying to complete the change of the ownership from my friend, but he doesn't know the home phone number either. He said he got this accont from someone else. 
Could you please give me some suggestions?

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Hi @qzha5529, we recommend that you advise the account holder to contact our Customer Service Team at 1300 993 011 to get the details needed for the Change of Ownership.